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TU Delft is working to make the campus more sustainable. The ambition is a CO2 neutral and circular campus in 2030. As we continue to develop the campus, our focus is on limiting environmental impact. We do this by thinking about whether we actually need something (refuse), by reducing our use of energy and materials (reduce) and by generating as much energy as possible from renewable sources (produce). We reuse materials and products wherever possible (reuse). New materials and products are produced as sustainably as possible.

In new-build and renovation projects, we involve the market and the scientific staff in order to arrive at innovative solutions. The recently built education building Pulse is a good example of this. It is the first energy neutral building on campus and was developed in close cooperation with the Architecture faculty.

Making the campus more sustainable contributes to a liveable and healthy learning and working environment.




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Multi-storey car park in Rotterdamseweg

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Demolition Stevin IV

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Sewerage Feldmannweg

TU Delft continuously works to improve the campus. Part of this is renewing the subterranean infrastructure such as sewerage, cables and pipelines. This will also have to be done along…
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180802_Pulse 103


Pulse is a an education building situated between the faculties of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) and 3mE. It is a central place bringing students and lecturers together to make contacts,…
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New faculty building Applied Sciences

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The Green Village

The Green Village has been be set up on the Berlageveld. It will be an innovation site where new technologies in the field of sustainable energy provision, water…
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Future campus

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TU Delft is the largest, most multifaceted technical university in the Netherlands with 16 bachelors and 35 masters study programmes. It ranks high on the international tables. To maintain this,…
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Onderzoek (1)


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