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Future campus

TU Delft is working on a varied and inspiring environment for students, scientists, employees, entrepreneurs and visitors. An innovative learning and working environment that stimulates and facilitates meeting, interaction and innovation.

More attractive
Some places on campus are very attractive and are automatically frequently visited. Think of the Mekelpark and the roof of the Library in the middle of the campus and for example the Kluyverpark in the south. Other places are less popular. That’s why new construction or renovation plans also take account of the surroundings: is a different layout necessary? We gradually keep our campus under a magnifying glass and look were more water, gardens, squares or other matters are needed for outdoor relaxation and study purposes. But also cycling and walking routes, bicycle parking, lighting and food and beverage: everything you need for a pleasant atmosphere, good accessibility and pleasant facilities.

Safety and quality of life
The TU Delft campus can be seen as a city within a city. With all those cyclists, pedestrians, suppliers, buses and work in progress, it is important to guarantee safety. In addition, the quality of life is also taken into account: planning of activities is geared as much as possible to education and research. Everyone wants a beautiful campus, but logically as little nuisance of works as possible. This requires close cooperation in order to achieve solid, sometimes creative and innovative solutions.

Looking to the future
The number of students is increasing, as is the number of companies on TU Delft Campus. With a wide range of types of buildings, TU Delft looks at which buildings can best facilitate future activities within the financial framework. More efficient use of square metres, adapting the function of a building, renovation, new construction or rejection: what is the best option for a particular need is carefully examined in order to make a well-considered choice.

Food & beverage vision

Catering outlets on campus: delicious variety!

Couscous replacing the common cheese bread-roll
Does the supply still meets the demands of our students and staff members? Much has happened in recent years. The campus has not only become much more international, but Dutch tastes have also changed. Croquette sandwiches and filter coffee no longer sufficiently satisfy the taste buds of contemporary foodies, connoisseurs and discerning consumers.

From cafeteria to catering
Good-quality healthy and varied food and drinks and taking different budgets into account is what is required these days. In other words: something for everyone. That is what we want to achieve on campus. However, a catering outlet can be more than just a place that serves food and drinks. It is also a place where you can meet with fellow students or colleagues to simply have a chat or discuss important topics. TU Delft wants more of these types of meeting places on campus. This means no big cafeterias anymore. The new catering facilities range in size from a food & beverage corner serving as the living room of each faculty to Foodmarkets (restaurants) within walking distance. The range is becoming more diverse, international and certainly healthier.

The current cafeterias in the faculties are or will be converted into food & beverage corners with a basic range of good espresso coffee, sandwiches, salads, soups and hot snacks. Or you can make your own coffee in the self-service coffee bars from DE Coffee kitchen. In the seats around, you can socialise, study or just chill. The supply and structure are being coordinated together with the faculties and geared to their specific needs. The coffee, soft drinks and snack machines will remain on the different floors in the faculty.

Living Campus_filmpje


  • At least 30 hotspots on campus in 2023
  • Making the outdoor spaces more appealing
  • Showing off TU Delft’s history, culture and pride in public spaces


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