YES!Delft Labs

YES!Delft is TU Delft’s incubator for technical start-ups. Due to the increasing demand from the market for office space and laboratories a second building was built: YES!Delft Labs
(formerly Yes!Delft with bio facilities).

The Yes!Delft Labs provides high-quality lab and office space for promising technical TU Delft start-ups. The project was partially funded by subsidies from Kansen voor West (EFRO), the Municipality of Delft and the Provincial Government of Zuid-Holland. The users are starting companies branching out from YES!Delft and new (bio-technological) start-ups.

YESDelft-Labs-06 Photo's by Ralph Reedeker  
YES!Delft Labs 15
yesdelft labs1

Facts & figures

  • TDVG BV, Valorisation’s holding was the principal and manages the building
  • 900 m² of high-quality labs, safety class ML II
  • Shared Lab concept: joint use of large, costly lab equipment
  • Surface area: 5,528 m²


  • Start project: March 2014
  • Design: March 2014 – June 2015
  • Execution: June 2015 – March 2016
  • Completed: 28 April 2016


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