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Van der Burghweg 1

The complex along the Van der Burghweg has been renovated (in 2014/2015) so that De Bouwcampus can be housed on TU Delft’s site. De Bouwcampus is an organisation in which the business community, government parties and educational institutions participate and aims to promote cooperation and innovative strength in the construction sector. TU Delft supports this in the framework of valorisation.

The other spaces in the complex can be used as temporary housing for users from other buildings undergoing renovation. The complex has been renovated whilst trying to retain its original character as much as possible. A very pleasant working environment has been created using limited means. In addition, two lecture halls have been realized in block D (summer 2016) to cope with the growth in student numbers.

Van der Burghweg 1 (4)
Van der Burghweg 1 (5)

Facts & figures

  • Building 26
  • Surface area: 10,329 m² gross floor surface area
  • Main building was former laboratory building
  • Formerly occupied by the Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management


Completed: 24 Juni 2015


  • Education

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