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Upgrade Industrial Design Engineering

At TU Delft there is increasing demand for educational spaces aligned to various forms of education. This is also the case at Industrial Design Engineering (IDE). This is a result of more active forms of education, the use of ICT and changing group sizes. Multiple educational spaces at the faculty will be given an upgrade and modernised. For example the construction of two new education halls on the first floor replacing the current Bernd Schierbeek hall and Hans Dirken hall.

IDE Arena overview IDE Arena (completed in 2016)  

Facts & figures

  • Two new education halls (capacities: 72 and 80 persons)
  • Reduce noise nuisance for the drawing rooms (completed in 2017)
  • A lecture hall for 118 people: Advanced Mixed Didactics Education Space (IDE Arena, completed in 2016)
  • Make the panorama rooms suitable for flexible use (including PC-based education, independent working, studios, small-scale lectures) (completed in 2016)


Two new education halls

  • Execution: April 2018 – August 2018
  • Completion: August 2018


  • Education

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