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Activities for tram line 19

Currently tram line 19 runs from Leidschenveen (a district in The Hague) to Delft Station. In the future, the tram will run over the TU Delft campus up to the terminus in the South of the campus.

Beforehand, the bridge “Sebastiaansbrug”, which connects the centre of Delft and our campus, must be replaced because of its poor condition. After this, the preparatory work will be carried out to enable the tram to ride. Amongst others the placing of the masts for the topline, the construction of the topline and other infrastructure will be effectuated.

Special part of the project is a compensation system that compensates for electromagnetic fields, which are caused by the tram movements. These fields could otherwise influence several test and research setups. As soon as more information on this subject is available (method, plan of approach, impact on the environment), the faculties will be informed.

After constructing the tramway and the compensation system, several months of tests and measurements will follow.

For more information about the project and planning, please visit the website of MRDH (awarding authority) and the municipality of Delft (note: these pages are in Dutch). Information about the works that take place on the TU Delft campus and the expected impact will – amongst others – be published on this website ( Activities that have an impact on accessibility or that will cause nuisance will be communicated through multiple channels.

Do you have a question about the tram course on TU Delft campus? Please contact the Campus and Real Estate project manager, Dick Huybens, by mail:


Facts & figures

  • Stringent anti-vibration requirements in connection with nearby research


  • Sustainable accessibility

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