The Green Village (3)

The Green Village

The Green Village has been be set up on the Berlageveld. It will be an innovation site where new technologies in the field of sustainable energy provision, water and waste systems will be tested and applied in a real life environment. One of its main aims will be to accelerate innovations in energy transition. The Green Village is a platform where knowledge institutions and companies will be able to jointly develop and valorise technologies and systems.

TU Delft will create the basic facilities for The Green Village which will consist of utility connections, flexible, robust paving, safe and secured site and a flexible layout with landscaping. The facilities will take the gradual commercialisation of The Green Village into account.

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Facts & figures

  • Site layout suitable for flexible utilisation
  • Technology combined with flexible, green layout
  • Structuring by The Green Village organisation
  • Innovation in practice
  • Surface area: approx. 11,800 m2


  • Start project: January 2016
  • Design: July 2015 – January 2016
  • Execution: April 2016 – November 2016
  • Completion: End of 2016


  • Research
  • Sustainability

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