buitengevel Van Mourik Broekmanweg

Restructuring the office building at Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6

The decision to no longer use the high rise part of Building 36 for Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science’s education and research started a quest to find new accommodation for those leaving the high rise. It has been decided to move Mathematics and Computer Science to this office building at the Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6, which was not in use by TNO anymore. The building, which was built in 2002, has been given a thorough make-over design which created a new office environment for Mathematics and Computer Science staff.


Concentration versus meeting

The restructuring design pays a great deal of attention to the need for privacy and enabling staff to concentrate on work Vs. meeting and interaction between users, research groups and departments. An additional entrance has been built on the campus side of the ground floor and atrium as well as a trio of research spaces, a food & beverage area, study spaces and various meeting rooms.

Efficient and flexible
The departments of Mathematics and Computer Science have moved into a fresh, new office environment. The floor plan and offices have been restructured so as to optimise the number of m2 to contribute to the reduction of inefficient m2 on campus.

A system has been selected whereby dividers can be installed, moved or removed in the office environment depending on the departments’ changing needs and wishes. Furthermore, in the future, the building will be linked to the New Education Center and the connecting structural element will provide additional space to accommodate the departments’ growth.

LVDW180126_MG_5991 Atrium with study workplaces  
LVDW180126_MG_5955 Atrium  
LVDW180126_MG_5942 Meeting room  
LVDW180126_MG_5772 Offices  
LVDW180126_MG_5722 Food & Beverage corner  

Facts & figures

  • Building               28
  • Surface area       10,500m2


  • Design                      May 2016
  • Implementation     March 2017
  • Restructuring         November 2017
  • In use                      January 2018


  • Research

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