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Parking at P-Sports

On the location of the current parking lot a (dismountable) parking building will be built. This is necessary because in the Stevin area the education building Echo will be realized and the entire area will be redesigned. In time, all parking spaces in this area (approximately 400) will be relocated. The parking building and the P-sports area will soon offer some 830 spaces. The total parking capacity in the area will therefore remain the same. The surrounding buildings are easily accessible on foot from this location.

In the coming years TU Delft will also replace various scattered parking spaces elsewhere on the campus with larger, easily accessible parking facilities directly on the campus ring road.



Green, sustainable and circular

The façades of the multi-storey car park will be fitted with vertical planters containing a mix of plants that will change colour with the seasons. This will give the building a green character whilst retaining the natural ventilation of the open car park. Moreover, the planting will reduce noise nuisance and absorb fine particulate. Nesting boxes for birds, bats and bees will also be incorporated in the façades.

 The car park will be built using a modular system with prefabricated concrete and steel elements. After use the car park can be completely dismantled and re-used elsewhere, making it a perfect example of circular and sustainable construction.

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Facts & figures

  • Demountable building
  • Around 830 parking spaces
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting


  • Ground preparation Q1 2019
  • Building work            Q2 2019
  • In use                           Q4 2019


  • Sustainable accessibility

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