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New faculty building Applied Sciences

The new construction for Applied Sciences is the state-of-the-art accommodation the faculty requires to continue to perform at the highest level internationally. The building was completed in the spring of 2016 and is now in use. As of September 2016, some 600 staff and 800 students will work and study at the new Applied Sciences building in the south of the campus.

The usage, the spatial design, the structure and the building’s systems have been attuned to minimise vibrations, reduce noise as well as to the high ventilation requirements and the creation of a stable temperature. Furthermore, a large thermal storage system will provide sustainable heating and cooling for the entire building and the adjacent Holland Particle Therapy Centre.


TNW nieuwbouw_filmpje
TNW nieuwbouw_interieur (2)
TNW nieuwbouw_interieur

Facts & figures

  • Building: 58
  • Complex foundation plan
  • Integrated approach to systems and structural elements
  • Measures in the immediate surroundings such as the withdrawal from the Kluyverweg, the closing of the Antony Fokkerweg and the shifting of the turning loop for Tram Line 19
  • Many different kinds of laboratory and practical exercise spaces
  • ML2 laboratories for research with biomaterials
  • Surface area: approx. 30,000 m²


  • Start project: June 2011
  • Design: November 2012
  • Start construction: June 2014
  • Completed: February 2016


  • Education
  • Research
  • Sustainability
TNW Janneke Kamstra, Michiel Kreutzen

Interview New faculty building Applied Sciences

Janneke Kamstra Senior Project Manager at FMRE

& Michiel Kreutzer Departmental Director at ChemE

‘State of the art and inviting’

Janneke Kamstra Senior Project Manager at FMRE

& Michiel Kreutzer Departmental Director at ChemE

Calling the new Applied Sciences Faculty building that opened last summer state of the art is no exaggeration. The laboratories there meet extremely high structural and systems-technical requirements with regard to vibration, temperature stability, ventilation and noise. But it not…

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