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Redesign outdoor area X

After the major upgrade of X, its outdoor area will be refurbished. This will take place in several phases. The goal: an attractive environment that optimally facilitates X’s activities. As X puts it: “We want a canvas that we can colour ourselves”. In other words, a lot of space to fill in all conceivable activities in a programme at your own discretion.

Better connection
Around X, there are many separate spaces and squares. Connecting them to each other will create a more logical entity. This enables a better use of the entire area , depending on need and season.

A greener appearance, more overview and a pleasant atmosphere. The front of X will get more space for sports and social activities. With benches and other furniture, there will be more opportunities to meet each other, study together or relax. In addition, there will be more bicycle sheds at the front and the bicycle cellar will have wider access.

There will also be more green on the sides, creating silent spots in opposition to liveliness at Café X. New, large benches along the tennis courts form a quiet place to meet each other and enjoy the sun. On the opposite side, near the student houses, the site will also become more attractive. The plot for the Campus Farm will become much larger. In addition, containers will provide storage of X’s materials. There will also be a central collection station for all waste containers, in order to neatly arrange them and make them easily accessible for
the waste collectors.

Back side
The central square at the back of X offers a view of the sports grounds and is used for numerous events. In the new situation this remains unchanged: the square offers maximum space to organise different activities. The current beach volleyball court will be preserved.

Accessibility, safety and logistic flows were important themes in determining the design. The many cyclists and pedestrians should be able to reach X via logical routes and simply leave again. In addition, the supply of Café X (including by a beer tanker) is crucial, of course. Much attention has also been paid to lighting and social safety.

cafe x 2
campus farm
IJsbaan Winters Delft


Start: Q3 2019
Phasing: from the soccer fields in the back, a phased approach is taken to the front.
Completion: summer 2020

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