Herhuisvesting TNW@RID (1)_5MB

Rehousing AS@RID

In order to be able to move various functions of the Faculty of Applied Sciences to the Reactor Institute Delft, the location was tackled. The project consisted of new buildings, renovations and the realisation of customer requirements. In addition, specialist lab configurations were moved, in intensive consultation with the users, to minimise nuisance and to optimise planning, due to interdependencies between different phases.

New building
– Accelerator lab

– Completion of realisation phase Labs East (RST Fame)
– DEMO workshop including facilities for the Mössbauerlab
– NMR centre
– RID security room and TU control room
– Tomography Lab
– RID food and beverage facilties

Customer request
– Crane track including foundation repair experiment hall



New construction
Accelerator lab

Completion of the building phase of Labs Oost (RST Fame)
DEMO workshop including facilities for the Mössbauerlab
NMR centre
Reactor Institute Delft security lodge and TU Delft security switchboard
Tomography lab
Reactor Institute Delft food & beverage area

Client wishes
Crane track including foundation repair in experimentation hall


Herhuisvesting TNW@RID (2)

Facts & figures

  • Building 50
  • High safety requirements as a result of the KernEnergieWet [nuclear energy act] apply
  • Necessary to apply for a nuclear energy act permit for elements subject to integrated physical environment permits


Surface area new construction:

  • Accelerator lab: 100 m²


Surface area conversion:

  • DEMO workshop: 510 m²
  • NMR centre: 114 m²
  • TU emergency switchboard and security lodge: 66 m²



  • Labs East wing: Q1 2017
  • Food & beverage at RID: Q4 2016
  • Other conversion/new construction: Q4 2016 – Q4 2018



  • Research

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