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Increasing student numbers combined with the need for more education space which is also more flexible have resulted in the development of a second additional building for teaching: Echo. It will be a cross-faculty building offering a wide variety of teaching rooms to reflect the diversity of teaching methods and study styles. There will be a total of seven teaching rooms, most with a flexible layout. For example, the largest lecture room, which can accommodate 700 people, can be divided into three separate rooms. The more than 300 study spaces can be used for group work and self-study. Of course, there will also be food & beverage facilities with a wide range of options for users in the area.


Solid and sustainable

Echo will contribute to TU Delft’s sustainability ambitions. The building will be energy-providing, and this includes user-related energy such as electricity consumption for laptops, lighting and food & beverage facilities during the extended opening hours. The new building will be equipped with solar panels, effective insulation and thermal storage, for instance. It will be a building with a solid and open appearance and an open design, enabling the teaching and learning taking place inside to be visible from outside.

Teaching rooms

The teaching rooms have been designed based on the current and future needs of our lecturers and students. In Echo, the focus will be on medium-sized and large teaching rooms, accommodating between 150 and 700 people. In addition to these larger rooms, there will also be a so-called case-study room that will be particularly suitable for motivational teaching/interaction between lecturers and students, as well as four level rooms for project-based teaching, each accommodating almost 70 people. Echo will provide space for lectures and tutorials, group work, project-based teaching, debates and self-study. In total, Echo will offer around 1,700 teaching spaces, including study spaces.

Additional facilities

As well as offering additional facilities for teaching, it is important that the new building is also an attractive place for people to meet. Extended opening hours and high-quality food & beverage facilities offering a variety of seating will help facilitate this. In addition, the need for sufficient bicycle parking facilities will also be taken into account. There will be an underground cycle park in the basement of Echo.

The location

The teaching building will be built in a central location on campus in the Stevin area. This is between Schoemakerstraat and the CEG faculty. Echo will be adjacent to the renovated building used by the Mathematics and Computer Science departments of the EEMCS faculty (office building Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6). To the north, the area is next to the Stieltjesweg student accommodation, with food & beverage and other facilities, including a SPAR University mini-supermarket. The many existing buildings and all the developments and projects in this area will necessitate a new site design for Stevin area. The parking spaces in this area will be relocated to a new multi-layer parking building on the location of P-sports.

The development of the Stevin area and the construction of Echo are in line with the campus strategy: realising a campus in which the buildings, facilities and layout of public areas help ensure that TU Delft maintains and expands its leading position in the world rankings.

echo buiten
Entreehal Echo
echo binnen hal 2
Echo zaal

Facts & figures

  • 8.300 m2 GFA
  • 1.700 teaching spaces
  • Energy-providing
  • 7 teaching rooms
  • 360 study workspaces
  • Food & beverage facilities
  • Extended opening hours
  • Close to Van Mourik Broekmanweg (M&CS)


  • Design:            Q1 2018
  • Start building: Q4 2019
  • Realisation:     to be defined
  • In use:              to be defined


  • Education
  • Living Campus
  • Sustainability

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