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Demolition Stevin IV

TU Delft is focusing on the improved utilisation of spaces and the reduction of both the number of square metres and its CO2 footprint. These measures will help reduce the campus’ operating costs. This also entails the demolition of a number of buildings. TU Delft does not decide to demolish structures lightly. Such decisions are always preceded by a programme of considerations. The outdated state of the buildings and the associated safety and functionality play a role. In the cases concerned demolition is the best possible alternative.

One of the buildings that was no longer suitable for reuse and which is demolished is Stevin IV along the Keverling Buismanweg 5 (behind the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences). A particular point of attention here was the accessibility and safety of the surrounding area during demolition.

Sloop Stevin IV

Facts & figures

  • Building 96
  • Focus on sustainable demolition
  • Reuse of the resulting materials
  • Surface area: 4,025 m² gross floor surface area


  • Start project: April 2014
  • Execution: 2016-2017


  • Sustainability
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