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Demolition Rotterdamseweg 145

TU Delft focuses on the improved utilisation of spaces and the reduction of both surface area and its CO2 footprint. This will allow operating costs to be reduced. This does mean however that a number of buildings will be demolished. Such decisions are of course preceded by careful consideration. The outdated state of the buildings and the resulting safety and functionality issues play a role in this. In a number of instances, demolition is the best possible alternative.

One of the buildings that is no longer suitable for reuse and which will therefore be demolished is the one at Rotterdamseweg 145. To enable its demolition TU Delft’s Heritage collection has been moved and partially lodged in the Library. In order to be able to demolish the cellar temporary sheet piling will be installed and underground cables and pipelines will be diverted.

demolition Rdamseweg

Facts & figures

  • Focus on sustainable demolition
  • Reuse of the resulting materials
  • Surface area: 9,248 m2 gross floor surface area


  • Start project: April 2014
  • Execution: May – October 2016


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