Cooling plant / Hexapod

Relocation of cooling plant

There is presently a large container with a cooling plant at the future Echo site in the Stevin area between the Faculty of CEG and Schoemakerstraat. This cooling plant is needed for the research installations and rooms in the Stevin 2 Hall and the GEG Kopgebouw. This container is presently in the way of the Echo building and the plant will be replaced in the basement of Stevin 2, adjacent to the present plant. Air-handling units will be placed on the roof of the hall. Once the new cooling plant has been installed and connected, the existing one will be disconnected and the container will be removed from the site.

Extra capacity for Hexapod

Stevin 2 also contains the new research installation Hexapod. This test facility can exert a force of 100 tons in six directions. This installation can simulate fatigue in welds or materials in a very short time that would normally only be visible after many years. The Hexapod can also be used to improve the design of structures. This special research installation requires extra cooling and power capacity. The necessary cooling capacity is being provided for in the replacement and relocation of the cooling plant. An extra transformer in Stevin 2 will provide the extra power required.



  • Installations in Stevin 2        Q2-Q3 2018
  • Excavation work                    Q3 2018
  • Removal of container            Q4 2018


  • Research

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