lores impressie Katalyselab

Catalysis lab

The current catalysis lab at the Applied Sciences faculty is outdated and no longer suits TU Delft’s ambitions. Some catalysis research has previously moved from ChemE to the new Applied Sciences building (TNW Zuid). The gas network at the latter is however unsuitable for the research that takes place at the new Industrial Catalysis Lab as many of the research assignments involve a variety of gas pressures. The new catalysis lab provides the correct augmentation to the existing catalysis lab at Applied Sciences and is inextricably linked to it.

The catalysis lab’s new accommodation suits the campus strategy:

  • Sufficient, high-quality systems for research
  • Less, yet better real estate: development towards high-end buildings, functionalities and facilities
  • Creating a safe, healthy learning and working environment
  • Sustainability.
lores impressie Katalyselab
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Facts & figures

  • Surface area 571 m2
  • Design testing based on virtual reality 3D model
  • Complex electrical installations
  • Custom production for doors, windows and other structural components
  • New connecting bridge between the Catalysis Lab and Applied Sciences
  • Address: Kluyverweg 4, Building 67


  • Design: 2017
  • Execution: Q4 2017 – Q4 2018
  • Completion: Q4 2018
  • In use: Q1 2019


  • Research

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