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Food & beverage facilities Kluyverpark

The number of users in the south of the campus increased with the completion of Applied Sciences’ new building, the construction of Kluyverpark and the development of Technopolis. The current food & beverage facilities are insufficient to cope with future demand. Furthermore the current range on offer is not aligned with the new requirements and wishes with regard to food & beverage facilities.

The food & beverage concept for Kluyverpark consists of a central Marketplace in The Fellowship with the faculties own Food & Beverage Corners. The Food Market at The Fellowship and its three fresh food concepts will become the new heart of the southern part of the campus. All the food & beverage facilities will be combined with multi-functional studying and work spaces. The site between Aerospace Engineering and The Fellowship is restructured as an appealing area to hang out in with room for a patio bar and a pitch for a food truck.

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Facts & figures

  • First physical realization of the food & beverage vision
  • Aerospace Engineering will gain a large educational space where the kitchen currently stands
  • Aerospace Engineering’s entrance will be provided with a Starbucks
  • Reactor Institute Delft will be provided with an unstaffed facility
  • Three different foodcounters provided in the central Marketplace: Asian, Mediterranean and Dutch cuisine
  • A total of 250 seats inside
  • Large terrace with more than 200 seats
  • Intimate dining room bookable for large groups


  • Start project: February 2015
  • Design: March 2015 – December 2015
  • Execution: January 2016 – September 2016
  • Execution site: March 2016 – June 2016


  • Fellowship mid-August 2016
  • Food & Beverage corner AE, RID and AS: 1 September 2016
  • Terrace The Fellowship: Autumn 2016


  • Living Campus
Horeca – Dennis Cruyen, Aldert Kamp 2

Interview horeca Kluyverpark

Dennis Cruyen Process manager catering, events and retail (FMRE)

& Aldert Kamp Director of Education (Faculty of Aerospace Engineering)

‘Food and beverage facilities the way you want them’

Dennis Cruyen Process manager catering, events and retail (FMRE)

& Aldert Kamp Director of Education (Faculty of Aerospace Engineering)

Applied Sciences’ move, the laying out of Kluyverpark and the development of Technopolis raised demand for catering in the southern campus area. The range currently on offer was also no longer aligned with TU Delft’s food and beverage vision. What…

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