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‘Landscaping links the buildings’

Interview Kluyverpark and the surroundings of Applied Sciences South

Iljoesja Berdowski Development Manager FMRE & Rik Linssen General Manager Reactor Institute Delft

The Applied Sciences faculty’s move to the south of the campus had major consequences for the immediate surroundings. In order to build an extremely low-vibration building, the outside area also has to be low-vibration. This was achieved by closing a number of roads and moving the future tram line’s turning loop. This is why the Kluyverweg was closed to traffic and turned into Kluyverpark.

This new area of landscaping is aligned with the campus vision that states that space, greenery and water contribute to pleasant studying conditions, work and relaxation.

Iljoesja Berdowski and Rik Linssen both once studied at TU Delft. Iljoesja took Architecture and Rik studied Chemistry Technology after studying Chemistry in Utrecht. Iljoesja previously worked in senior housing and for a housing corporation, Rik was in oil and worked for Fuji. Iljoesja is currently the Development Manager at FMRE (Facility Management & Real Estate) and Rik is the General Manager at the RID (Reactor Institute Delft).

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