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Living Campus

TU Delft is working to create a varied and inspiring environment for students, scientists, staff, entrepreneurs and visitors. Alongside an innovative learning and working environment, the Living Campus will provide various other facilities. The focus is on meeting, living and recreation.

A good example of this is the new food & beverage vision whereby TU Delft has shift from having a single campus-wide catering company to a variety of food & beverage providers spread out around campus, from unstaffed coffee corners to food & beverage corners. The Freezones on campus will also contribute to the Living Campus. These marked areas will provide power and water that can be used for free for various outdoor activities and offer a place to several Foodtrucks.


Toonbank Coffeestar Library Coffee star Library  
SPAR University vers SPAR University  

Food & beverage vision

Catering outlets on campus: delicious variety!

Couscous replacing the common cheese bread-roll
Does the supply still meets the demands of our students and staff members? Much has happened in recent years. The campus has not only become much more international, but Dutch tastes have also changed. Croquette sandwiches and filter coffee no longer sufficiently satisfy the taste buds of contemporary foodies, connoisseurs and discerning consumers.

From cafeteria to catering
Good-quality healthy and varied food and drinks and taking different budgets into account is what is required these days. In other words: something for everyone. That is what we want to achieve on campus. However, a catering outlet can be more than just a place that serves food and drinks. It is also a place where you can meet with fellow students or colleagues to simply have a chat or discuss important topics. TU Delft wants more of these types of meeting places on campus. This means no big cafeterias anymore. The new catering facilities range in size from a food & beverage corner serving as the living room of each faculty to Foodmarkets (restaurants) within walking distance. The range is becoming more diverse, international and certainly healthier.

The current cafeterias in the faculties are or will be converted into food & beverage corners with a basic range of good espresso coffee, sandwiches, salads, soups and hot snacks. Or you can make your own coffee in the self-service coffee bars from DE Coffee kitchen. In the seats around, you can socialise, study or just chill. The supply and structure are being coordinated together with the faculties and geared to their specific needs. The coffee, soft drinks and snack machines will remain on the different floors in the faculty.

Living Campus_filmpje

What is what?

On the entire campus, there will be various concepts so that everyone will be able to eat and drink, somewhere near your work area on walking distance.

Food & beverage (F&B) corner
A food & beverage corner can be found in every faculty and is the ‘living room’ of a faculty. It’s the place where you can meet students and colleagues for a chat or a (work) meeting. The selection on offer focuses on lunch. The products are fresh, home-made and healthy (oven-baked not fried). A basic range is available, including fruit and salads, bread and fillings/spreads, sandwich rolls, paninis and toasted sandwiches, oven-baked snacks, soups, sweet and savoury treats, coffee and tea, dairy products, fruit juices and soft drinks. Within these categories, you can expect a varied and ever-changing selection that may differ with each location.
Where: A +BE (with hot meals and longer evening opening hours), TPM, 3mE, VMB6 (Mathematics and Computer Science), AE, Applied Sciences South, RID (has an unstaffed F&B Corner, i.e. self-service payment)

Self-service restaurant
These locations offers a wide selection and is capable of processing large numbers of guests quickly. Alongside ready-made products, there are also lots of products to choose from to create your own meal. A basic range is offered, supplemented by a selection of products from (local) businesses. These changing providers are specialists in specific themes, such as ‘Hollandse pot, Italian, Asian, etc.’.
Where: Aula building, faculty of EEMCS, faculty of CEG, faculty of IDE (until the summer of 2019)

Food market
A central place where you can choose from a selection of international hot and cold dishes. The outlets each have their own distinctive look and feel, with a front office area where you order and pay. The seating area is shared, enabling groups of people to order from different outlets, but still eat together. The outlets specialise in themes on offer and prepare fresh, authentic recipes. The operators will change regularly, enabling you to discover a completely new theme.
Where: Fellowship, education building Pulse 

Grand Café
A place to meet that has long opening hours and where you can eat light meals at the bar or at a table, selecting from a menu. Suitable for simple dining with friends, colleagues, family or business visitors. Also a perfect place for organising small events or a drink for example.
Where: Aula building

Espresso bar
The place for a good coffee and tasty treats. You can enjoy a simple breakfast in the morning and get a quick boost in late afternoon. A real barista is on hand to serve you. At the Coffee & Bikes Espresso bar, you can even have your bike repaired or repair it yourself.
Where: faculty of A +BE – STERK Espresso bar, TU Delft Library, faculty of CEG – first floor, faculty of EEMCS -entrance hall coffee cart, Coffee & Bikes – Espresso bar and Bike repair point

DE selfservice Coffee Kitchen
A self-service coffee corner with espresso machines, complete with cashless card payment terminals. Always available even when other facilities are closed.
Where: faculty of A + BE in Ketelhuis (from September 2018), faculty of TPM in the F&B Corner seating area (from September 2018), faculty of IDE ground floor (current position), faculty of 3mE ground floor (from September 2018), faculty of CEG 6th floor in former smoking area (from September 2018), faculty of AE in F&B corner (from September 2018), faculty of Applied Sciences (zuid) in F&B Corner (from September 2018), RID (from September 2018), faculty of M&CS building VMB6 in F&B Corner (from September 2018), Aula building first floor near lecture rooms (current position).

Food Trucks
In the middle of Mekelpark on Freezone C, opposite faculties 3mE and Applied Sciences, an assortment of pop-ups, coffee carts and food trucks offer even more variety during lunchtime every (midweek) day.

From North to South

The campus is divided into four areas for the hospitality facilities. In all the areas you will find a large catering location:

TU Delft South
Food market in The Fellowship (started summer 2016) with LaFamilia (Mediterranean) and the Satébar (Asian).
TU Delft Sports and Culture
The renovated  Café X has reopened in September 2017.
TU Delft Centre
Food market in the new Pulse building between IDE and 3mE started in September 2018
TU Delft North
A Food & Beverage Corner opened in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment summer 2018, with a wide selection, including hot dishes.

Other facilities
Since September 2017 is the SPAR University open at the Stieltjesweg, other catering operators also have opened a eatery and coffee shop here. There is also a bookstore and hair dresser. And there is room for new (temporary) concepts around the campus.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page TU Delft Food and more and the web page Food and Beverage on Campus for the current catering offerings.


  • At least 30 hotspots on campus in 2023
  • Making the outdoor spaces more appealing
  • Showing off TU Delft’s history, culture and pride in public spaces


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