TU Delft 2015

Living Campus

TU Delft is working to create a varied and inspiring environment for students, scientists, staff, entrepreneurs and visitors. Alongside an innovative learning and working environment, the Living Campus will provide various other facilities. The focus will be on meeting, living and recreation.

A good example of this is the new food & beverage vision whereby TU Delft will shift from having a single campus-wide catering company to a variety of food & beverage providers spread out around campus, from unstaffed coffee corners to a grand café. The Freezones on campus will also contribute to the Living Campus. These marked areas will provide power and water that can be used for free for various outdoor activities.



  • At least 30 hotspots on campus in 2023
  • Making the outdoor spaces more appealing
  • Showing off TU Delft’s history, culture and pride in public spaces


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Sustainable accessibility

The number of students at TU Delft is growing, the campus is becoming more crowded and economic activity there is increasing. It is therefore becoming increasingly busy on the (access)roads…
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TU Delft is working to make the campus more sustainable. We aim to save on energy using sustainable maintenance and improvements to its energy and heat management. When it comes…
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TU Delft 2015

Public space

A green, accessible, liveable campus that stimulates meetings and is structured logically. Where students, staff and visitors feel at home and safe. We will enable this with smart, appealing site…
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Pleasant working environment

TU Delft considers pleasant work environments for its staff important. Work spaces should encourage meetings and knowledge sharing, be accessible, have good coffee, the right ICT facilities and good furniture.
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Valorisatie (1)


Scientists at TU Delft collaborate with specialists from around the world to create solutions that can have a huge impact on society. The success of this knowledge valorisation largely depends…
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Safe and efficient campus

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