Programma Transitie WarmteNet (1)

Heating network transition programme

TU Delft is working on making its campus more sustainable. The objective being to self-sustainably generate a quarter of the existing energy demand itself by 2020 or to purchase sustainably generated energy, to cut energy consumption by 40% and to halve CO2 emissions.

One of the sustainability projects is the transition of the heating network from high temperature to medium temperature heating. A smart thermal grid will be developed in collaboration with a number of commercial parties whereby a simulation model will catalogue the behaviour of the heating network and TU Delft’s buildings. This will allow the more efficient structuring of the heating network and prepare it for connection to sustainable sources. It will also enable the mutual exchange of heat between buildings and the optimum harmonisation of supply and demand. The latter will ensure substantial energy savings.

An important factor is reducing the temperature level for heating the buildings which will enable the utilisation of sustainable sources. 23 buildings are connected to TU Delft’s heating network and their systems will all have to be modified to enable the above.


Facts & figures

  • Involving science
  • TU Delft as testbed for sustainability projects
  • Simulation models of heating network are globally unique


  • Start project: February 2015
  • Delivery: 2022


  • Research
  • Sustainability

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