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Re-locating Faculty of EEMCS

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering has been housed in Building 36 along the Mekelweg since 1969. Later on it was joined by Mathematics and Computer Science. However, the building no longer meets current TU Delft and the faculties own demands and requirements with regard to education and research.

Therefore the TU Delft wants to realize new housing for the faculty on this prominent place on campus. The new housing will contain multiple compact buildings with offices, research facilities, education areas and horeca. Flexibility, compact, safety and sustainablity are the starting points for the new plans.

The building would not be suitable for future educational and research functions of the TU Delft even after renovation. The building also entails high maintenance costs and its operationality is increasingly difficult to guarantee. In December 2015 it was decided that the high rise would no longer be used for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science’s future accommodation. This is why for the current users had to be (temporally) re-housed in the short term.

The DIAM, INSY and ST departments of Mathematics and Computer Science are moved to the office building on Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6 (behind the Faculty of CEG). Some of the floors in the high rise, the lower building and the halls behind it that feature hands-on teaching, research and laboratory environments will continue to be used by Electrical Engineering until new housing is realised.

The realisation of  new housing will take about ten to twelve years and will be realised in several phases. The first phase will be developing plans for a new building behind the current building for the department of Electrical engineering with educational facilities. Then M&CS will return to this spot with a new building and a cleanroom can be realised at that location.

Parallel to the preparation of the plans for a new building, the TU Delft needs a demolition permit for the current building. Since the building is a local monument, the TU Delft needs consultation with the municipality.

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Facts & figures

  • Building 36
  • Total surface area: 67,748 m²


  • Start project: 2014
  • Execution and completion of the move away from the high rise:  2017/2018
  • Relocating MCS to Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6: January 2018


  • Pleasant working environment
  • Safe and efficient campus

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