Coffee & Bikes

The demand for bicycle parking capacity will increase in this immediate area thanks to the arrival of the new educational building Pulse, the Learning Lab and developments at the Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) faculty. To accommodate this a bike parking facility will be built on the square outside the IDE faculty on the Landbergstraat side which will also house a coffee bar and bike servicing facilities.

The coffee bar is part of TU Delft’s Horecavisie [food & beverage plan] that lays down that all the related facilities on campus should be renewed and should feature a variety of concession holders. In case of the coffee bar, operators who help those with distance to the labour market find gainful employment will have priority.



The design for Coffee & Bikes was co-constituted on the basis of a workshop with students from the surrounding faculties.
The bike shed will have two layers and will be surrounded by a green mound with a terrace-like staircase on the side facing the square. The mound will hide the bicycles on the bottom from view and will make a great place to relax when the weather is fine. Furthermore, the openness and lines of sight will incorporate Coffee & Bikes into its immediate surroundings. The bike shed’s second storey will be entirely dedicated to bike parking.

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Facts & figures

  • First crossover concept on campus
  • Parking space for 1,450 bicycles
  • Coffee bar
  • Surface area: 1,620 m2


  • Design: April 2016 – September 2016
  • Execution: April 2017 – Q1 2018
  • Completion: Q1 2018


  • Living Campus
  • Sustainable accessibility

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