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‘No-frills functionality’

Interview Pulse

Lucy Mackie Project manager FMRE & Iris van Loon Coordinator educational spaces E&SA

Due to the annually growing number of students and the need for different, more flexible educational spaces, TU Delft is developing the new educational building Pulse. It will be built between the Faculties of 3mE and Industrial Design and will be the place for modern education. Intelligent orientation, solar panels on the roof and thermal storage in the soil will make Pulse the first energy neutral building on campus.

Iris van Loon and Lucy Mackie both once studied architecture at TU Delft. Nowadays, Iris is the Educational Spaces Coordinator, a position in which she translates demand for spaces into real estate whilst paying a great deal of attention to user commitment. As a Project Manager, Lucy ensures that the wishes and requirements Iris collects are taken on board and implemented by the advisors and contractor.

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